How to Submit a Script to Blumhouse?

Blumhouse is a horror/thriller powerhouse.

From paranormal activity to the purge, they definitely have a style with 74 movies and counting; Jason Blum isn’t stopping.

So how do you get your script in the hands and minds of the executives at Blumhouse?

This topic has been unanswered by them themselves.

How do you submit a script to Blumehouse? You submit a script at Blumehouse by partnering with an agent or manager who has a previous relationship with them and has that agent or manager pitch your script to the company directly.

If a random guy on the street gives you some advice, you probably won’t listen. But if your friend, teacher, mentor, family member says something, your more likely to listen.

The same goes for Blumehouse productions, Netflix A24, HBO, Lifetime, and any production companies out there.

But this isn’t the only way to submit a script to them. Like everything, there are loopholes.

Keep reading for more information.

How to find Agents that work with Blumhouse?

This goes for managers or any film professional that deals in brokering deals.

I call it the IMDB method.

Step 1

Find the screenwriters who have worked with them before.

Step 2

Look for their IMDB page.

Step 3

Then find their agent from their page.

Step 4

Pitch their agent your script, not the production company. Thought the email you find from the page.

Suppose you can get the agent on board—your chances of getting them to buy your script shoot up through the roof. And for the love of God, please don’t mention anything about Blumehouse in your pitch. If you need help creating an emailed pitch, find out how here.

Blumehouse Buys Scripts from Screenplay Competitions

Entering a major screenwriting competition and placing in the top 5% will most likely land you an agent, manager, or a screenplay option, but most importantly, a connection to a production company like Blumhouse.

Please take a look at Shore scripts winner Louis Ackerman from 2016 on how he got his script in the hands of Blumehouse.

Check out ScreenCrafts Horror competition, judged by Ryan Turek, the Blumhouse Development executive.


Everyone wants a direct source.


Because it sounds easy, or maybe you think If you could only talk to them directly, they could see what they’ve been missing. This is farther from the truth. Cream rises to the top when it comes to screenwriting.

The reason there are barriers like:

  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Screenplay competitions
  • Entertainment lawyers

It stops the 100,000+ scripts written a year from being thrown in Hollywood’s face. The equivalent would be looking at your junk imbox in your email every day. You need some filter for the good stuff. It’s not a perfect solution, but it deters anyone who isn’t serious.


My advice would be to look up all the horror screenplay competitions like the bloodlist or just competitors in general, and if you get good scores or made the top 5%, contact the Agents that work with Blumehouse via the IMDB method. Highlighting your accomplishments to them.

That’s how screenwriters get their story heard and a movie made, not through a direct source but a way that gives you more leverage.

Now its time to hear from you:

Did I miss anything?

What method are you going to try?

Whatever your answer is, let’s hear it in the comments below.

Happy writing

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