15 Youtube Channels To Learn Screenwriting

With a typical film school costing around $10,000 a year or more, it is no wonder that many people are looking for different routes to learn how to write a screenplay. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to learn screenwriting. Watching movies and reading scripts is the best way to learn how to write a script. 

But if you’d like a little more on the structure and what scripts to read and advise, Youtube can be a great place to turn to.

In this article, we will look at 15 Youtube Channels worth following if you want to learn anything related to the amazing craft of writing stories for film and television.

1. Outstanding Screenplays

Youtube Channel here

Outstanding Screenplays gives screenwriting Tips from Masterful Screenplays and Genius Screenwriters. 

This channel is followed by 186,000 people and shares tips from the best screenwriters of all time. It also has an entire section dedicated to “script to screen” where we see how a page of a famous script plays out on the screen. 

Additionally, an entire playlist on the channel is filled with writing tips where we can learn from some of the greatest movies out there.

Check it out!

2. Final Draft

Youtube Channel here.

Followed by 38,300 people around the world.

Final draft isn’t only the best screenwriting software out there, they also have a great Youtube page filled with interesting topics on Screenwriting. 

One of the coolest perks they offer is a regular podcast available on their youtube called “Write On” where they interview famous writers and showrunners. 

It’s a fantastic way to learn more about the state of the industry from working writers who are currently having movies made or are staffed on big TV shows.

Additionally, as you may have guessed, Final Draft’s Youtube Channel also has tutorial videos for the latest version of the screenwriting software. Very helpful!

3. The Writers Guild Foundation

Youtube Channel here.

The Writers Guild Foundation celebrates the vital importance of screen storytelling and storytellers. Founded in 1966, the Writers Guild Foundation preserves and promotes the history and craft of writing for the screen. 

They have an amazing library in Los Angeles where you can find printed scripts you cannot find online. It’s truly an incredible place. Worth checking out if you’re in LA or visiting.

This video on their Youtube Channel covers what they offer at the Foundation. 

During the pandemic, the Youtube Channel, followed by 25,700 people, had many fantastic zoom panels that you can still get access to on their channel.

Additionally, their Youtube Page also has videos of Script Breakdown which is amazing for writers who want to learn how to write a script. And, if you’re more so into television, they have a playlist called “Inside the Writers Room” covering what it is like to be in some of the most famous writers’ rooms out there.

4. The Script Lab

Youtube Channel here.

The Script Lab delivers weekly content of interviews and discussions with writers, filmmakers, and film school educators.

In their many videos, they will speak about Oscar-Winning Screenwriting secrets, networking with Hollywood professionals, Debunking film festival myths, Understanding conscious and Unconcious Character Motivations, and “script to screen” readings.

The fact that all of this is available for free is absolutely incredible since this is truly a brilliant resource to learn about anything related to screenwriting.

The channel is followed by 34,900 people… Plus one, since I’m sure you just hit the “follow” button right now. 

5. Creators Writing Room

Youtube Channel here.

This Youtube Channel belongs to Jason Kyle, an Executive Producer, and Lee Aronsohn, a famous showrunner. It solely focuses on television writing and offers some fantastic content about TV writing, such as how to write a powerful opening, how to pitch yourself in general meetings, or how to land your first job.  

6. Robert McKee

Youtube Channel here.

If you’re interested in screenwriting, chances are you know who Robert McKee is. He wrote one of the most famous books on screenwriting titled Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting (1997), available on Amazon.

The channel, followed by 20,200 people, has many interesting videos on the craft of screenwriting.

The topics range from “At what stage should you rewrite?” to “Truth and Myth in Story” and “Creating Empathy for Secondary Characters.” 

I have to say the channel really is a gold mine. It’s like a free masterclass. Make sure to check it out!

7. Script Sleuth

Youtube Channel here.

The banner says it all “Discover Screenwriting secrets of the masters.” 

The channel is followed by 20,400 people and offers videos for many different topics, such as:

  • Famous movie analyses 
  • Screenwriting Tips
  • Screenwriting Masterclasses

It’s a great resource if you want to learn more about how the greatest scripts of all time have been written. 

8. Selling Your Screenplay

Youtube Channel here

Selling Your Screenplay is a Youtube Channel that does just that: present a variety of topics with an emphasis on helping creatives sell their screenplays. 

The Channel is followed by over 3,000 people and showcases compelling interviews with award-winning, accomplished screenwriters. Additionally, it gives great advice in short Youtube videos about how to land a manager, how to pitch a project and how to give your character a clear arc. 

9. Syd Field

Youtube Channel here.

Syd Field wrote a great book on screenwriting called “Screenplay: The Foundation of Screenwriting” (2005), available on Amazon

His Youtube Channel, followed by 2,000 people, has some fantastic Q&A. 

While watching these videos, you’ll learn about multiple storylines, inciting incidents, action openings, tips for writing flashbacks and many more. These will definitely come in handy when outlining and writing your screenplay. 

10. Script & Scribes

Youtube Chanel here.

Scripts & Scribes is another great writer’s resource website with insights and interviews from writing professionals in publishing, film & TV, theater and comic books.

They offer great content filled with advice from professional screenwriters. 

11. Industrial Scripts

Youtube Channel here.

Industrial Scripts is one of the world’s leading screenwriting and screenplay authorities, specializing in script consultancy and training. 

They also run “The Insider Interviews” – a series of in-depth Q and As with people working in various areas of the film and TV industries, and beyond.

Some of their most recent videos are about script coverage, how to write your hit TV series, and different screenwriting free courses. Make sure to check their channel out!

12. StudioBinder

Youtube Channel here.

StudioBinder is followed by 1.33 Million people over the globe. 

StudioBinder is a production management solution that helps video and photo productions create call sheets, shot lists, shooting schedules, breakdowns, storyboards, mood boards and more.

So, it isn’t exclusively about screenwriting, but many of their videos have to do with the craft, for example:

  • How to write exposition in a script
  • How to create a compelling protagonist
  • How to write a fight scene

Additionally, you will find on the channel different master shot lists and popular color palettes for movie-making. Very inspirational!

13. Film Courage

Youtube Channel here

Sharing stories, experiences, & wisdom from the world of film and television. 

Film Courage has some fantastic interviews with established filmmakers. Some of their videos are focused on the craft (character building, the power of the stakes, etc.), and others are more industry related (how to pitch your movie, the cost of success, what producers want).

14. Every Frame of Painting

Youtube Channel here.

Every Frame of Painting was a series of video essays about film form. It covers how to write action comedy movies, how to do visual comedy, and many more topics such as movie scores, ensemble staging, and reverse shots. 

15. Top Development

Youtube Channel here.

The description says it all: Struggling to actually FINISH your screenplays? 

This is what Tyler Mowery’s channel will help you with, to read Fade Out. 

The channel, followed by 257,000 people, truly goes deep into writing a script. It covers screenplay structure, how to create compelling character arcs, how to create story conflict, and how to come up with an original concept. All important stuff!

When you find realize that there are that many (and more) incredible Youtube Channels out there teaching you about writing, structure, character, and stakes but also the industry, copyrighting, networking, pitching, finding your style, you start to wonder if you couldn’t learn screenwriting on your own, behind a keyboard instead of in a classroom. 

And the answer is yes, you absolutely can. 

Ultimately, the best thing to do, once you learn (on Youtube or in a classroom) how to write a script, is to write as many as you can. Practice makes perfect. Reading screenplays and writing screenplays will always be the best form of education.

However, if you are financially able to go to film school, I will always recommend it since it will allow you to hang out with other creatives like you, create a network, and find mentors as well. Film schools are a great way to get an education, learn how to deal with feedback and tight deadlines. 

But ultimately, starting by following these 15 screenwriting Youtube channels is a great place to start and will put you ahead, by learning from the very best out there. 

Wishing you all the best with your writing, and don’t forget to click the follow button!

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